Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens

  Oliver Twist is a boy who lives in a workhouse then is sold to a man to be his apprentice.The man wasn't treating Oliver well,so he escaped to London where he meets another boy named Artful Dodger. Artful Dodger was in a street gang of kids who pick pockets run by a man named Fagin. Fagin trains Oliver to become a pickpocket and after a while Oliver is sent on his first pickpocket. He tries to steal a handkerchief from a man but is caught. Mr. Brownlow, the man who's handkerchief was stolen sees Oliver in the street sick, and takes him back to his house and takes care of him. Lover stays there but soon after two of Fagins members go after Oliver. They capture him and return him to Fagin. Fagin wants Oliver to help another member named Sikes in a burglary. When they finally get wheat they were stealing Oliver gets shot and Sikes gets away. When a member named Nancy plans to expose Fagin, Sikes murders her, while Sikes is getting chased by an angry mob he ends his life while trying to escape. Mr. Brownlow and Oliver are reunited and live a peaceful life in the countryside.


I thought the book had a surprising ending and the book was filled with a lot of twist and turns. I did not think Oliver was going to be shot, and I also though Sikes would not be able to kill Nancy, then end himself. This was a great book and really enjoyable to read.