The Island - Gary Paulsen

 The island is about a fifteen-year-old boy name Wil Neuton, who had to move away from his city home to move to a house in the countryside of Wisconsin. Wil attended a high school in Minnesota and has a crush on a girl named Cindy. When Wil left his school and all his friends he felt isolated and lost. While out for a bike ride he sees a small boat near the river, so he takes it for a ride and while he is paddling the boat he sees a island. So he stops the boat on the islands land. While on the island he realizes the wonders of nature and how peaceful a place this island is.When he starts riding home, he is greeted by another fifteen-year-old named Susan. A few days later when they have become real friends Wil shows her the island, she understands his amazement of the island and agrees why he wants to learn more about the island.


 After some days Wil starts fully living on the island and adopts three imaginary friends, since he has isolated himself on the island being visited by no one except Susan sometimes. Wil's parents are worried about him and try to convince him to come home but Wil refuses and they leave him alone. When the school consular gets involved he tries to understand the Wils motivation to stay on the island, the reporters who come to see whats happening with Wil but can't figure out why he would want to stay on the island. Wil thought a lot of thing on the island like, did Wil discover the island or did the Island discover him, he never really understood which one. On this island Wil was trying to recreate the experiences of his life. When he finally understands his purpose he talks to the interviewers and tells his story, then he returns home and explains to his parents what he saw in his mind and how he now understands that even though he moved away from his friends he will still have the memory of them, Wil still continued to visit the island but not as often as he did before, because he finally understood himself.